The importance of posture whilst gaming

Do you pay any attention to how you sit when spending hours at your computer or game console? Time passes very quickly when your gaming, and how you sit for those extended gaming marathons can be detrimental to your short term and more importantly your long term health.

Whilst sat at my desk?

It's easy to adjust your posture whilst sat at your desk, keep your feet flat on the floor and obviously try and keep your back straight. Your knees should be at a 90 degree angle. Try to avoid reclining chairs as this will encourage slouching and although it may seem comfortable this can cause serious issues with your back further down the line.

Good posture will Increase your productivity

By sitting correctly, you can improve your work throughput. The increased oxygen influx from more efficient circulation and breathing will effectively act as a stimulant. You will make less mistakes and be more alert. If you're gaming, you may even say quicker progress to the next level! All this from changing your posture.

What about if i'm playing on my games console?

Whilst sitting up straight, you will reduce any strain on your neck, we don't tend to be sat up on a straight chair when playing game consoles. Using Gaming Chairs can provide health benefits as they are ergonomically designed to support your body as they have been designed with the console gamer in mind.

Is there anything else I can do?

If you are engaging in a marathon gaming session, it may prove helpful to perform a few simple exercises perfect for when the game is loading. Try some of these: shoulder rolls, shoulder blade pinches, upper trapezius stretches, shoulder rolls as well as rotating your head from side to side. All of these will prevent stiffness and make your gaming sessions much more enjoyable as well as looking after your back health for the future.